GeoCentric Review #1: A Forgotten Evil

GeoCentric Review #1: A Forgotten Evil

Publisher: Mischief, Inc
Author: Alex Karaczun
Game System: AD&D1e / OSRIC
PDF Page Count: 40 (2 cover pages, title page, preface/table of contents page, 2 map pages, 28 adventure pages, 5 pages of pre-generated characters, and a DM Notes page)
Price: $9.99 at RPGNow ($0.25 / page)

‘A Forgotten Evil’ is the first in the ‘Ancient Evil’ series by Mischief, Inc. It is for a group of 6-8 characters of 1st-3rd level.

In this, a group of goblins has released a half-demon that has been in stasis for centuries in an old tower and placed him in a dungeon for their worship. Hoping to lure help to release him, he has commanded the goblins to begin raiding surrounding towns.

The text opens with some background of the Twelve Kingdoms and about the war from the time the half-demon was imprisoned and moves into the present with the actions of the goblins in the area.

The format of the encounter descriptions is reminiscent of the early AD&D1e days as are the maps. One of my favorite things about this adventure is all the rooms/areas are there for reasons. There isn’t anything there ‘just because’. The only possible exception is the final room in the dungeon (a story twist I didn’t expect!), but it’s explained within the room’s text.

Another interesting note is that all magical weapons and armor/shields found are given names and short backgrounds to add more flavor to them. Also, coins are given regional names such as ‘silver wyrmlings’ and ‘silver regents’ depending their kingdom of origin.

Overall, I like this adventure. It isn’t overly long and can be completed in a few sessions. If you’re using another setting, it would be easy to replace the names and drop it into any area with hills and mountains.
Also, reworking this to fit almost any system would require very little work. Depending on the system, you might have to substitute a more appropriate creature in a few spots; but the work to do so would still be minimal.
The adaptability to settings and system make this more valuable to those outside the target audience.

On the grammatical side, ‘grammar patriots’ such as myself will find typos, spelling and punctuation errors, and grammar syntax errors to be at a minimum. The editor for this project did a fine job.

If you like the old-style AD&D1e adventures, you should get this. It’s great for kicking off a campaign.
It give the GM what he needs without bogging him down with things he just doesn’t need.

On a scale of 1-5, I’ll give this a score of 4.

Also, sold separately is an illustration book weighing in at 8 pages (a cover page with an illustration included plus seven more page sized illustraitons,) for $4.99 makes a nice companion for the adventure.

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