It’s cold!!!


Are you enjoying it as much as I’m not? The cold, the snow, it can all go away now. One day of it is a day too much for my liking. February is more than half gone, and Valentine’s Day is past for the year. The wife & I saw Tesla a few weeks ago and got to hang out with the band for a bit. It was pretty cool. If you have me on FaceBook, you can see pictures from the show.
But I didn’t start this blog to share things like this with everyone. FaceBook does a sufficient job of that.

Let’s chat gaming. 🙂

The only writing progress I’ve had is doing a revision on a short adventure slated for publication in a month or two. After having a 3-4 hour chat with one of the KenzerCo staff a few weeks ago, I decided it needed some work. (More about the chat in a bit.) So, I modified some things, gave it a good reading, and sent it back in. Hopefully, it will be well received by the readers.

On January 30th, I drove up to Waukegan; and a my friend (Steve) and I visited Jolly & Barb Blackburn. We spent the evening just chilling out and discussing various topics including RPGs and HackMaster. Techniques for Hirst molds were discussed and almost anything you can think of for table top gaming from dice to miniatures to tequila to old systems to Maple Crown Royal to old business associates… You get the picture. I missed my normal bed time by several hours.
Saturday was HackMaster day. It was on! A few other Kenzer & Co people (Brian Jelke & Steve Johansson) arrived for a fun session of gaming. My new digital battle board (see below) made it’s debut at the gaming table that day. We had plenty of laughs and even discovered a rule that needed errata. At the end of the day, we had no deaths; but a few were close.

The main reason I made the trip was to get my TV-modified-into-a-digital-battle-board by my friend, Steve. The cover is completely removable and has a white board on the inside and a chessex battle mat on the outside. Using MapTool with the Fog of War feature, I can have a map on my laptop and reveal parts of it to the players as they explore with their miniatures. I still have things to learn about it, but I’m looking forward to that. I’m hoping to be ready to start using it by GaryCon at the end of March.




After the game, I drove into the city and met Steve J at his place. As noted earlier, we had a long chat about HackMaster, adventure design, freelancing, and gaming in general. He gave me many things to think about.

The next morning I left Chicago with the snow coming in. Luckily, I was just ahead of the blizzard as it came down. I saw several vehicles in the ditches during my 4-1/2 – 5 hour drive home, but I made it safely in mid-afternoon.

In March, I’ll discuss what I’ve got going on with GaryCon and anything that comes up by then!

Hail & Peace!

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