Halloween is here!

Has it been two months? I can tell writing blogs is something not coming natural to me.

Much has happened since my last blog- mostly on a personal level. I’ve become a Grandpa! My first grandchild was born August 30th. Mama and son are doing well. Daughter #2 is expecting in May 2014. There must be something in the water.
On less happy notes, my nine-year-old son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. I made an emergency trip to Birmingham, AL to see him and get a crash course in diabetes.

As far as gaming goes, I’ve got a character creation session this Saturday for a brand new group & monthly campaign. My bi-monthly campaign has been dragging a bit due to scheduling conflicts, gaming cons, and unexpected trips; but that’s the way things go. We’ve got two guys missing the next session, but some guests will be joining us for a one-shot game.

Other RPG goodies:
Moebius Adventures has two new little pdfs that can help spark some ideas. The ‘Little Spaces’ line can fill in the gap with little details left behind when creating scenarios.

If you like Dungeon Crawl Classics and Ravenloft, Transylvania Adventures by Land of Phantoms should be right up your alley. It’s a 300-page horror setting designed specifically for DCC. The pdf is only $13, and I believe a dead tree version will be available soon. A 50-page adventure (The Winter Home: $4) is available as well at RPGNow.

And the main reason for this blog: my projects.
I’ve started working on my first adventure in hopes of having it ready the first part of 2014. I don’t have a title for it as of yet; but if it does well, I might work on a line of them along the same vein, calling in the ‘Legacy’ series. This first one is a re-imagining of B1: In Search of the Unknown. I’m not going to give out any details at this time, as all I have are some scribbling and the beginning of the map. The adventure will be a little more down to earth than the original. There won’t be any magical rocks that have magical effects when you place a chip of it in your mouth. Teleportation rooms won’t be found in these halls, nor will a room of pools or a hallway with a magical gust of wind that extinguishes all torches. This will be more like a normal underground stronghold where people once lived out their daily lives without these constant oddities. This will be different enough that I don’t foresee any ‘cease and desist’ from the current IP holder, but one never knows. 😉
If it does well, I’ll consider doing other classics as well.
One thing I have not decided upon is whether or not to use this as a springboard to start a new setting. I have plenty of material on a published setting that I enjoy immensely and plan to use it to locate this adventure for my personal games. Perhaps I can contact the IP holder of this setting to get permission to reference it.

That’s it for now. Feel free to leave any feedback on my adventure idea, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Moebius Adventures ‘Little Spaces’: http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?cPath=4317_19461
Transylvania Adventures by Land of Phantoms: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/121110/Transylvanian-Adventures

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