Gen Con 2013

GEN CON 2013!

I attended my 4th consecutive GenCon this past weekend. As always, I had a good time.

I didn’t arrive until late Friday night, so I was only able to attend on Saturday and Sunday.
After grabbing breakfast with my friend, Steve, I picked up my badge and waited for the vendor hall to open. I snapped pictures of costumes and chatted with a few people during this time.

Once the vendor hall opened, I maneuvered through the traffic and booths, checking out any that looked interesting to me. After about 30 minutes, I arrived at my destination: the Kenzer & Company booth.

At the Kenzer booth:
I hung out here when I wasn’t wondering around. I ran a few HackMaster demos in their arena and sat in on a short demo as a player that John the intern was running. I chatted with the various members of K&Co from time to time: Jolly & Barb Blackburn, Steve Johansson, Dave Kenzer, and Andy Miller (not part of the crew but he was helping run the booth)
Unfortunately for me, they had sold out of KoDT #200 before I got there. K
I chatted with various friends from the boards – some for the first time meeting face to face – and met the wives of a few of them that I’d not met before.

Wandering the vendor hall:
I had a specific booth I was trying to find so that I could pick up the new AD&D1e adventure, Night of the Black Swords by Allen Hammack and published by Die Cast Games. It was being sold at the Pacesetter Games & Simulations booth by Bill Barsh. While there, I picked up a copy of Gygax Magazine #2 and saw many AD&D1e adventures that PG&S was selling. Bill was nice enough to sell me one at a discount to check it out, so I told him I would come back and buy a few more which I did the following day. I picked up six more. Frank Mentzer was there as well, so we talked briefly.
I ran into Jamie Chambers of Signal Fire Studios and chatted with him a bit. We’ve talked on facebook for about a year, but we’d never met before.
My friend, Joel Sparks of Faster monkey Games and designer of the Call of Catthulhu game, was there. I ran into him a few times. He led me to the Indie Game Developer Network booth where he introduced me to Marissa Kelly. She told me about the group and its goals and explained the game ‘Our Last Best Hope’ to me. I will have to make contact with IGDN in the future.
Another friend of mine, Derek White the Geekpreacher, was manning one of the Christian Gamer booths. I stopped to visit with him for a bit and bought a few old AD&D adventures from him while I was there.
Just a few booths away was Inkwell Ideas, maker of Hexographer mapping software and several other little goodies. I bought a deck of encounter cards to check out.

Saturday night, I ran an RPG event using the Mesa Mundi Multitouch overlay. Basically, it turns any type of screen into a touch screen with its interactive software ran from a laptop or other computer and using the ‘touch screen’ as a second monitor. Using Fog of War, areas of the map could be darkened so that they are not seen by the players and tokens are set up so that they can be moved my ‘touch’. If a token is moved into a FoW area, that area is revealed on the touch screen. It was quite interesting.

I started off Sunday morning attending Geekpreacher’s worship service. I always enjoy listening to his GenCon sermons.
The rest of the day was spent in the vendor hall and hanging out at the Kenzer booth. I had a nice conversation about some HackMaster projects in the works with Dave Kenzer, Steve Johansson, and my friend, Steve Lawrence.
I picked up some last minute items (adventures and some wookie miniatures) before heading out for my drive home.

I will have to make plans to arrive a day or two early next year and attend all four days.

Die Cast Games:
Faster Monkey Games: ;
Gygax Magazine:
Indie Game Developer Network:
Inkwell Ideas:
Kenzer & Company:
Mesa Mundi Inc:
Pacesetter Games & Simulations:
Signal Fire Studios:

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  1. Joel Sparks says:

    Nice write-up George! Thanks for the shouts-out.

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